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BellaVita Alaminos is a low-cost residential community built in Alaminos, Laguna. Most people have an idea of what a low-cost housing would look like. However, BellaVita Land Corporation aims to break the mold with this development. The developers aim to enrich the lives of its future residents. Therefore, they made sure to incorporate modern facilities and amenities into the subdivision masterplan. This will enable you to pursue the kind of lifestyle that you want without necessarily investing in the high-end, exclusive subdivisions.

The signage is one of the most prominent features that you will find the moment you step inside the subdivision. Therefore, it brings a certain level of prestige to this house and lot community even though it is considered of low-cost category. A few meters from the welcome name sign, you will find a guarded entrance gate. This gate is manned by security personnel on a 24/7 basis. The entry and exit of vehicles and individuals are therefore monitored by security personnel. This will help to ensure the safety of the homeowners at BellaVita Alaminos.

The entire subdivision of BellaVita Alaminos is also built with the infrastructure in place to bring modern conveniences to the homeowners. For instance, it is built with an extensive network of concrete roads, curbs, and gutters. The entire subdivision is also built with underground drainage system to keep the roads flood-free even during monsoon season. Thus, there is nothing for the homeowners to worry about as the developers made sure your home remains flood-free. In addition, there are light poles, electrical lines, and an elevated water tank that is built into the subdivision masterplan.

When it comes to the recreational and lifestyle amenities, BellaVita Alaminos will also offer you a variety of options. There is a Central Park area, which serves as the central amenity area for the homeowners of this subdivision. Within the Central Park, you can find a host of other amenities that you can use and enjoy at your disposal. One of these amenities is the full-sized basketball court. You can use this court to enjoy your favorite sports activity. It can also double as a multi-purpose outdoor venue for all kinds of activities. 

For the kids, you can also get them to play outside and socialize with other kids from the neighborhood. The children’s playground area is equipped with all of the play facilities and equipment they can use. It is a good opportunity for your kids to breathe fresh air and to stay active. Since the playground is located within the subdivision premises, you can be assured that your child will be safe while they have fun.

The projected Fiesta Market is also one of the things that potential investors need to consider in choosing BellaVita Alaminos. This is a retail strip that will have commercial spaces. This will make it convenient for you to buy your essential supplies and other needs without the need to travel far. This projected retail strip will be of huge convenience to the future homeowners of BellaVita Alaminos.

  • Club House
  • Central Park
  • Basketball Court
  • Common Parking
  • Elevated Water Tank
  • Future Community Retail
  • Guarded Entrance and Exit
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